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Pro Audio articles
Aphex Systems famous for their "Compellor" and "Aural Exciter", also preamps and compression
Apogee A/D/A convertors and the the proprietary UV22 encoding format
Ashly EQ's, crossovers
Avalon hi-end microphone preamps
Behringer budget copies of expensive studio gear, all made in Germany
Bellari/Rolls tube valve equipment at very low prices. No frills, but "warm" sound is certain.
Brent Averill They rack mount vintage Neve and API modules, making some of the best EQs, compressors, and mic pres.
BSS Audio British EQ company could also be http://www.bss.co.uk
Crane Song compressors and preamps (very slow homepage!)
dbx noise reduction, compression, eq, limiting, subharmonic synthesis
Demeter only vacuum tube; preamps and DI
Digitech guitar effects and vocal processing units
Electrix New designs in vintage effects, and a new sampler concept called the repeater.
Eventide the page doesn't do justice to their great harmonizers
FMR Audio the "Really Nice Compressor" is a remarkable new mini compressor
Focusrite compression, EQ, and preamps, both in rackmount and software versions
HHB HHB inherited TL Audio's patents, and redid the famous affordable tube audio EQs, compressors, and mic pres in a fancy new purple colour.
Joe Meek the new breed of compressors and mic pres
Lexicon famous for reverb, costing $100 to $10000
Presonus 8-channel compressors and mic preamps
Rane crossovers, EQ, and the Mojo line of outboard gear
Summit hi-end preamps and compression
Symetrix radio specialists, but have studio compressors, processors, preamps and distribution amps
TC Electronic Finalizer, Mix Wizard, and modular effects systems
TL Audio Canadian company with excellent tube and solid state preamps and EQ

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