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Pro Audio articles
A-DK microphones manufacturers of inexpensive large-diaphragm microphone
AKG acoustics the C12, the C414, the C451 -- legendary condensor microphones
Audio Technica stage and studio microphones
Audix the most affordable microphones in the world???
Blue innovative new microphones from Latvia
Beyerdynamic classic ribbon microphones and tons of speciality dynamic microphones
Coles they make 2 mikes: the 4038 is the most famous ribbon mic in the world.
Earthworks Famous for omni condensors and measurement mikes, but make preamps too.
Josephson hi-end recording microphones
Lawson makers of the L-47 tube Neumann copy, as well as tube preamps
Microtech Gefell an eastern european spinoff of Neumann; they make high quality mikes
Neumann the standard by which all small and large-diaphragm condensors are compared
Oktava Russian microphone company with ridiculously low prices
Royer Labs New designs in ribbon microphones
Sennheiser critical dynamic mikes for recording and performance -- also shotgun and classical electret mics
Shure the SM57 and SM58 are the most popular mikes in the world - period (We don't know why).
Sony broadcast and recording microphones
Sytek Audio Systems affordable microphone preamps

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