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Pro Audio articles
Avalon hi-end microphone preamps
Brent Averill They rack mount vintage Neve and API modules, making some of the best EQs, compressors, and mic pres.
dbx several lines of tube preamps and all-in-one units
Demeter only vacuum tube; preamps and DI
Drawmer Distinctive vacuum tube preamps
Focusrite Producer Pack, Red series, and the Platinum series cover mid- to hi-budget units
GML Possibly the most accurate mic preamp in the world...?
Grace Design Accurate solid state units in all sizes.
Great River Electronics High quality
HHB HHB inherited TL Audio's patents, and redid the famous affordable tube mic pres in a fancy new purple colour.
Joe Meek budget project studio mic pres
Oram Neve-style mic preamps; hard to acquire.
Presonus budget tube preamps and DAW front-ends
Summit very high end tube/ solid state hybrid units

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