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Allen-Heath their recent innovation is a shorter signal path between modules.
Amek owned by Harmon; started by Rupert Neve
AMS-Neve top-of the line console design -- analog, digital, inventors of "Flying Faders"
Behringer affordable yet chinsey German mixers with "British EQ"
Mackie famous for budget 12- and 16- track consoles
Neotek Elite and Elan-series consoles
Panasonic/Ramsa the new RA-7 is the most affordable 32-channel 5.1 mixer
Solid State Logic (SSL) high-end consoles for video, audio, and post-production
Soundcraft a mainstay in professional studios for decades
Soundtracs hi-end installation consoles (formerly offered a budget studio line)
Tascam new digital mixers for project and professional studios
Yamaha innovations in digital mixers; also make reinforcement analog mixers.

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