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Recording: digital audio Digital Audio Tutorial: Uncompressed file formats

Digital audio tutorial
Introduction to digital audio
What sounds best?
Music compression
Common computer digital audio formats
Perceptual encoding schemes
Chart 1: bit depth and sampling rate chart
Chart 2: audio file formats
Chart 3: compression schemes
Glossary of common digital audio terms
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musiq.com digital audio
audio formats, uncompressed
.wav 8 bit unsigned/ 16 bit byte swap
.aiff, .qt (quicktime) 8, 16, 24, 32 bit linear
.aifc (old .aiff) 8, 16, 24, 32 bit linear; 4 bit ADPCM
.au (sun), .snd (next) 8, 16, 24, 32 bit linear, 8 bit µlaw, 32 bit floating point
.sd2 (digidesign) 8, 16 bit linear (1, 2, 4 channels; region info in header)
.bicsf (IRCAM) 8, 16 bit linear; 32 bit floating point

about the formats:
linear standard method of encoding bitstream of data
byte swap Microsoft proprietary format encodes sound in byte pairs (not a linear stream)
floating point Used in spectrographic analysis -- floating point is not a playable sound format (must be converted to linear)

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